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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BBC America Trailer for The End Of Time, Part Two

Wow! THIS gave me chills... I can't wait for the second part of this story, yet at the same time I don't want see what happens. It's going to be heartbreaking... Poor Ten.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

David Tennant's Christmas TV Takeover

Before Christmas, on top of repeats of every Doctor Who special to be shown this year, Who fans everywhere rejoiced as David Tennant took over the BBC channels in a shameless tirade of, well... Tennant.

He was a panelist on the QI Christmas Special, guest host of the Never Mind The Buzzcocks Doctor Who Special and even read stories to your children so you could nip upstairs and wrap their presents. Then Christmas Day arrived and we got the Doctor Who Christmas Special, the first part of David Tennant's poignant departure (reviewed yesterday).

And as if the beauty that was The End Of Time, Part One was not enough, Tennant-Fanciers everywhere had much to gawp at. This Christmas week has offered more Tennant Specials than a homeless Scotsman on a Glasgow park bench*. True, Doctor Who divided viewers into two camps. Those who enjoyed the story for what it was and those who expected it to match the hype. I loved it. BUT! I wanted more straight away! Ordinarily I would hop straight onto iPlayer and watch it again, but this Christmas I have company. And even though my girlfriend, Natalie, is also a huge Who fan she wouldn't let me watch it again so soon. And she's the Boss. So instead - and luckily for all the Tenninch Fangirls out there, you know who you are - I waited an hour or so and watched Tennant in Catherine Tate's "Nan's Christmas Carol". Drawing wholly on the original Dickensian tale, Nan is shown the error of her ways by three Ghosts, the Ghost of Christmas Past (Ben Miller), the Ghost of Christmas Present (TENNANT) and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come (Roger Lloyd Pack).

Imagine a gay, Scottish Russel Brand. There he is. David Tennant's Ghost of Christmas Present is just that. Mumbling about facebook, i-tunes and the like, he minced his way through the Present section of the story in true Tennant fashion; with ease, humour and an ultimate command of the screen and all on it. It was a wonderful performance. So good, in fact, that if you didn't KNOW it was Tennant you wouldn't know it was Tennant. The show on a whole was funny, a nice little post-excitement treat for all us Who fans. Seeing him and Tate onscreen together, with the language as blue as Tate's painted on varicose veins, was slightly odd. Just hours earlier I'd watched them not meeting while saving the world. Or not saving it as the case may be. If ever there was an antidote to the intensity of the Who special this was it. And I loved this too... But our days this Yule with Tennant are far from over! For tonight, dear friend, Mr Tennant gave us his Hamlet.

For those lucky enough to have seen this on the stage, FUCK OFF (not really, I'm just jealous). I'll make do with the TV adaptation, thanks. And wow, what an adaptation! I'm not going to recount the story here, it's Hamlet for crying out loud. If you don't already know what it's about you won't be interested. I know some, for instance, who gave up on this before the 15 minute mark. Those people watched for Tennant and Tennant alone. That's fine, but a Shakespeare fan would bathe in this and come out feeling cleaner than they have ever felt before. Tennant (and the rest of a truly stellar cast) blow our minds in this, the latest RSC offering for the BBC. It's amazing. And guess what? You can buy the DVD on January 4th! I will be.

And then, with a week-to-come that will inevitably be filled with iPlayer repeats of TEOT Part One and all to do with it, we reach The End Of Time, Part Two on New Year's Day. We know next to nothing about what's to come, except that the Time Lords are back, the human race has been transformed into the Master race and, probably worst of all, the Tenth Doctor will regenerate. It's so sad even typing that...

And with that, our Tennant Overload ends. Never again will we see him roaring through time and space, saving planets and peoples in thrilling acts of selfless bravery. Never again, I sort of hope, will we see him garb'd up as Brand, Ooh-ing and Woo-hoo-ing all over the shop. Tennant's TV Takeover is over. And the real telly starts once more...

But hey, we have a few days until then. And there's always the iPlayer... But, just to whet your whistle, go here to see some exclusive TEOT Part Two clips and info. And here's the tv spot. Enjoy!

* That was a bit racist. If you're Scottish or offended, or both, I'm sorry.

Friday, December 25, 2009

John Simm In A Dress? Okay, I'll Go With That...

Okay, we all watched it. And if you didn't then what the fuck are you doing here? It's already on iPlayer! GO, NOW!

Good boy/girl. Now, let's geek out. What we got here was nothing short of a (flawed) masterpiece. Take one urban cult, one megalomaniac Time Lord (dead), one vengeful ex wife, one "magic potion", one "magic anti-potion" and a whole lot of mystical foreshadowing and you get only the first ten minutes of The End Of Time, Part One. If you're not an avid WHO fan this may not be for you. Despite the attempts at filling in the back story you really have to CARE about these characters. You need to UNDERSTAND the situation they find themselves in. For example, no explanation is given as to why the Doctor is so important to Wilf. In fact, this was a brave choice of episode to show on Christmas Day!

In a strange way, to me, this felt a little like a Doctor Lite episode. Although he wasn't absent like he was in Blink or Love & Monsters he appeared less than Simm did as the Master. In fact, it seemed that this half of The End Of Time was Simm's, ending in true arrogant Master stylee with the creation of The Master Race, literally. 7 billion human beings genetically changed to resemble the Master in body and mind! But that was only one of many special Christmas gifts that Uncle Russ had for us. Like all "Russel T Davies special occasion episodes" The End Of Time, Part One has mountains to offer. Vinvocci, the Immortality Gate, the Master, Joshua Naismith and his daughter, Prophecies, mysterious women, Donna Noble, "The Silver Cloak", Wastelands, the list goes on and on... This was a FULL episode! Only this time, unlike Journey's End, it all seemed to just kind of fit.

Okay, some of the puzzle pieces were not really needed. I think you could have left out the Vinvocci and their covert hunt for the Gate stolen from one of their crashed ships. I actually believe that the entire Naismith side story could be omitted altogether, just let the Master get the Gate himself somehow. But I have a feeling that some sense may be made of it later in the serial. And the whole Master Race reveal, however silly it seems when you say it out loud, is brilliant. Truly inspired (even if it kinda is inspired by The Matrix Reloaded). When you have a villain as bonkers as the Master - and BONKERS is the word for this - you must have a huge plan to roll out along with it. And let's face it, what could possibly be bigger than turning everyone in the entire world into you? A whole world of Simm!Masters playing about is a Who-Shipper's wet dream... And Rusty has done it. On screen. For real. It. Is. Canon. Now. End. Of. But, silly it was. In a great, great way. The episode was a perfect balance of humour, foreboding, threat, mystery and pure story, hurtling along at breakneck speed. The word I have been using to describe this story so far is Space Age Fairytale. It has a narrator for Christ's sake!

But this is Russel T Davies after all... And this is "New Who", as it is known. This ain't no ordinary narrator, dawg! This is the goddamn Lord President of the Time Lords. And he ain't talkin' to you beeyatch! He's addressing a panopticon FULL of Time Lords, dressed in ceremonial garb. Collars and all. And as the Ood Elder said; "They are returning". Now, a preview clip for The End Of Time, Part Two has been posted here (just click on "exclusive clip" to watch it, but watch it at your peril. Never has there been such a spoilery preview). I'm going to be talking about that in a separate post later this week, but it makes me wonder how many story threads they want have dangling out of the arse of this fantastical beast! Also, where are the scenes with Verity Newman and The Journal Of Impossible Things? Where are the scenes with Jack and Midshipman Frame? Or that one where the Doctor saves Luke from getting hit by a car?! TIME LORDS AND ALL THIS? How the hell am I meant to take all that in? And more importantly, how am I meant to blog about it?!

I'm trying hard to think of a way to end this post. How can I put across how much I enjoyed this episode without bursting? Okay, let's try this...

I love Doctor Who. I have many, many favourite scenes and episodes. But, without need for question or thought, the scene in the cafe where the Doctor and Wilf discuss "grown up stuff" and share a manly cry is DEFINITELY the best. I cried twice during this episode. Once when the above scene happened; seeing your heroes reduced to tears has that same effect on you. It's happened before with the Doctor crying in 42 and Last Of The Time Lords. It's happened with Jack Bauer crying on 24. It happened tonight, deal with it. I also got moves to tears when the huge Time Lord reveal happened in the closing seconds. When a television programme can do this to you, then you know it's done it's job. When you can laugh with tears of sadness in your eye, wow. It's too good for words. But the ones I will use here are "incredibly moving and a complete edge-of-your-seat experience. Five stars."

Two epic cliffhangers, several majestic story threads, one very disturbed Master. And a partridge in a pear tree... Well, not really, but Merry Christmas!

Don't miss the concluding episode of David Tennant's reign as The Tenth Doctor, 6.40pm on New Year's Day, BBC1. If you do I'll never speak to you again.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Really Great Hair - The Tenth Doctor, Part Two

The evil Racnoss have been defeated. Donna Noble has stopped the Doctor from 'going to far' and offered him a place at her family's Christmas Dinner table. He declines. And some weeks pass... Until one day, picking up on some strange energy readings around a london hospital, he begins investigating. At this hospital a medical student named Martha Jones is following consultant Mr. B. Stoker around on his rounds. One of the patients is a nice old lady with a seemingly routine problem. Another is a Mr. Smith, admitted with stomach pains. Of course, this Mr. Smith had two hearts. And is the Doctor.

When the whole hospital is kidnapped and taken to the moon by intergalactic ruffians the Judoon, Martha teams up with the Doctor in an attempt to get everyone home to Earth safely. The Judoon are after the poor old ill lady, who is actually a vicious criminal, a Plamsavore, escaping from her planet after assasinating a Princess. Through teamwork and inventive thinking - and a snazzy little "genetic transfer" between our hero and his would be companion - the Earth is finally saved and Martha is promised one trip ("Just the one, mind...") in the TARDIS by way of thanks.

Choosing a trip into the past, the Doctor and Martha come face to face with William Shakespeare himself, with witches and magic, aliens and angry queens (no, not Julian Clary beaten to the Dame role in Panto). Series Three saw our heroes fight the remnants of the Cult of Skaro, Weeping Angels (who will return in Series 5 against Matt Smith's 11th Doctor), genetic mutants and - as the Face of Boe predicted - the Doctor's arch nemesis, The Master (played firstly as a doddery old man by Derek Jacobi and then with oozing menace by John Simm). And what was, some thought, a slow series - lacking in action and tension - was redeemed with a huge two (almost three) part finale. The Master, posing as Prime Minister of Great Britain, used a band of future-human refugees, stripped back and made into nefarious "Toclafane" to enslave the planet for one whole year. But, thanks to the efforts of Martha and a small band of resistance fighters, along with the conciousness of the entire population of Earth, the Doctor is empowered once more. The Master, however, doesn't like to lose, even if it means giving up his life. Shot by his wife, Lucy, and refusing to regenerate he dies in the Doctor's arms leaving him, once more, The Last Of The Time Lords...

Martha was always going to be a one-series companion. That was the plan. And she wouldn't have worked as well if she'd stayed longer. So, when she said goodbye to the Doctor and the TARDIS it meant that our hero needed a new friend... And goodness, did he get one! Kylie Minogue in the bloody TARDIS?! No. Not in the TARDIS really... But a companion nontheless. Against the bodyless, moneyless Max Capricorn and his Hosts the Doctor averted the crash of the Titanic (the starship, that is) and saved the world AGAIN!

Christ, this bloke is good at what he does.

The Tenth Doctor, Part Three... AND DON'T MISS my review of The End Of Time, Part One (later today/tomorrow) and Part Two (coming New Year's Day!). Oh, I'm good to you xxx

Pinstripes In Time And Space - The Tenth Doctor, Part One

The Daleks are defeated, the threat averted and yet the Bad Wolf is dying. In order to save his companion, Rose, from certain death the Ninth Doctor absorbs the power of the Time Vortex, returning Rose to her human state and giving up his own life in the process. "I absorbed all the energy of the time vortex and no-one's meant to do that... every cell in my body's dying." And for the first time since the '96 TV movie, an audience sat in awe waiting for the Doctor to change his face. "Time Lords have this little trick, it's sort of a way of cheating death, except, it means I'm gonna change. And I'm not gonna see you again, not like this, not with this daft old face." Out was the exceptionally brave and fantastic Ninth Doctor, played to perfection by Christopher Eccleston. Coming soon was the Tenth Doctor... But just who would he be? "I might never make sense again!"

And, ending his tenure as The Doctor with the word that Whostorians will use forever to describe his time behind the console, the Ninth Doctor signed off with; "Rose, before I go I just wanna tell you - you were fantastic... absolutely fantastic... and d'you know what? So was I." And FANTASTIC would forever be synonymous with what younger audiences were to witness. A regeneration. Of the very best kind. The kind that welcomed a thin, Scottish gentleman into the TARDIS. Before you could say 'Barcelona!' David Tennant was The Tenth Doctor. But audiences had to wait until Christmas 2005 to see what he was like, save for a 4 minute minisode for Children In Need which only told audiences that something was very wrong with our new Doctor's regeneration.

Christmas Day, 2005/6* on the Powell Estate. The TARDIS's engines screech and hum... They sound strained and overworked. And before the eyes of Jackie and Mickey, it spins through the sky and crash lands in an alley. Out pops the NEW Doctor, breathless and manic. He clambers towards Rose's family - who stand aghast - and offers his explanation: "I know! Merry Christmas!" And then he passes out. Regeneration is a strange old bird. Outside the show audiences have to get their head around the fact that their hero, the man they have followed for the last year, is now COMPLETELY different in EVERY way. INSIDE the show, something was terribly wrong. The regeneration was failing. To have the main character of a show to spend 70% of his first episode in bed, unconscious is a brave move on its own. To do this on Christmas Day, with an average of 12 million people watching to see the NEW Doctor, surely that is madness? But, in true British fashion, a cup of tea and a satsuma was all it took for the Doctor to bounce into our hearts with charm, hair and quotes from The Lion King; defeating the invading Sycorax in a sword fight and bringing down the British government with six words, the Tenth Doctor had well and truly arrived. And he was here for the long haul.

Through adventures with Rose, fighting werewolves (in 'Tooth and Claw'), Cybermen (in 'Rise of the Cybermen' and 'Age of Steel'), Clockwork Droids (in the magnificent 'The Girl in the Fireplace') and Peter Kay (in 'Love and Monsters') the somewhat creepy relationship shared with the Ninth Doctor blossomed into a beautiful and subtle will-they-or-won't-they love story throughout the second Series. But, as in all good drama, a love story should never have a happy ending. In the closing moments of the epic 'Army of Ghosts', "the story of how [Rose] died", we learn that not only have the Cybermen found a way out of their Alternate Universe, but have cleared a path for the Cult of Scaro (a vicious Dalek Think-Tank) to follow them. The battle of Canary Wharf - a metal against metal war, the wet dreams of Robot Wars - culminated in Rose being sucked into the Alternate Universe, trapped there, leaving the Tenth Doctor alone and hurting. The closing scenes of "Doomsday" are, without question, some of the most moving ever broadcast to family audiences. I defy you to tell me that you didn't fight back a tear when, as Rose told him she loved him, the Doctor uttered his last words to her; "and I suppose, if it's my last chance to say it, Rose Tyler..." before the connection allowing them to talk across Universes was lost. That solitary tear on the Doctor's cheek... Owch!

But this is adventure science fantasy! Not namby pamby, wishy washy, poncey, prancey, lovey dovey, girly, kissy wissy romace! And the Doctor lives on! Without a second to grieve his loss, the Doctor finds a human, Donna, in her wedding dress, in his TARDIS. With no explanation. And this wasn't just any old bride. This was Catherine bloody Tate! The guest star in the 2006 Christmas Special "The Runaway Bride" was the best kept secret in New Who history! I don't think ANYONE knew she would be appearing. And in the closing moments of "Doomsday" we got the signifier of Christmases to come. Like eggnog, Noel's Christmas Presents and Doctor Who itself, Tennant's "What? What?! WHAT?!" has become expected. A lead into the Christmas Special. THE Doctor Who cliffhanger phrase. Joining the ever-growing bank of 'catchphrases', already containing "Alon's Y", the 'Whats' were a stayer... And at Christmas, Catherine Tate and David Tennant thrilled audiences with TARDIS/Taxi motorway chases, giant spiders, evil Empresses and double agents. But, as this is Christmas after all, the day was saved... Another Christmas would go ahead because of the Doctor. Ten was making a habit of this! An irony not lost on the fans who know that this Christmas, as much as we hate to admit it, he will have to save the world one more time, just before he dies again. But enough of that miserable talk. The Doctor's story as told here is incomplete.

*The WHONIVERSE is missing the year that happened while Rose was travelling with the Ninth Doctor, when he returned her home after 12 months, not 12 hours. Therefore it runs one year ahead of real time.

In Part Two, The Tenth Doctor meets Martha Jones; Medical Student, shares a kiss with that woman off Spaced, meets Shakespeare and gets an ominous warning from "old friend" the Face of Boe; "You Are Not Alone!" And boy, doesn't he know it! He also meets Kylie Minogue and Catherine Tate (again).

Part Two of The Tenth Doctor will be posted on Christmas Eve, and will cover his life as far as
the opening scenes of The End Of Time, Part One.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The End Of Waiting?

For weeks we have waited, aching for any snippets of info about The End Of Time, like the spoiler hounds we are. We've had trailers, enemy confirmations, set reports and photos, but very little else!

The usually reliable sources in the media; your Ben Cooks, your Lizos, your BBC Ents Team - even @Moffat_, selfproclaimed FAKE Steven Moffat - have had next to nothing to offer us about what The End Of Time, Part One has to offer. It's been hell. Spoiler free hell... And then this morning, at about 9.30am, Ben Cook posts this on his Twitter:
I've an invite (non-transferable!) to tonight's End of Time press launch + a ticket to see Basement Jaxx @ the O2. Which should I attend?!
And Lizo Mzimba posts this:
It's (almost) the end. But has the moment been prepared for? Some treats for you later!
So I think, off the back of those posts, we can safely say that today is the day we have waited for... The day that someone, anyone, gets to see The End Of Time, Part One in full.

There are bound to be leaks in the spoilerproof press pipe. And even if there aren't there will be the first official reviews! I cannot tell you how excited I am for this. As much as I want to remain spoiler-free(ish) I want to know EVERYTHING that leaks today. Or not. I'm not sure...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"We End, As Ever, With Next Lines" - Oh, Must We?!

Well, I'm exhausted. Just a really quick blog post to tell you about my night! If ever there was a time that I have laughed more than I did in the last half hour, I don't know when that time would be. I sat through the most dire Royal Variety Performance in years, because there was bugger all else on, waiting patiently for the Never Mind The Buzzcocks Doctor Who Special. And you know what? I'd wait another ten years for it if you made me. THAT. WAS. HILARIOUS! Without doubt the funniest episode of Bizzcocks since Amstel left. The line-up was as follows; Tennant hosting, Cribbins and Tate joining Jupitus, Fielding, Cullum and Whiley on the teams. I don't know why I'm talking like a Guy Richie character. Sorry... But yes!!! Buzzcocks! Bernard Cribbins was the stand out for me. The man is almost dead for Christ's sake and he's still as sharp as Tennant's nose. Throwing in - not only a double helping of witty comebacks - but a impromptu rendition of Right Said Fred (not the Richard O'Brien lookalike gayband)...

Then there was Catherine "I know nothing about... what is it? Sci fi?" Tate! She always makes sure you get your money's worth, but tonight she was on tip top form! She really IS like that! All guffawing and getting stuff wrong! Brilliant! We got to see a Dalek, an Ood, the TARDIS... The show was packed with laughs, references, it was lovely!

I don't think I will ever shake the image of Cribbins "beatboxing" Muse from my mind - and rightly so! And does anyone else think he should take up Noel Fielding's offer to write for the Boosh? I think he'd make an awesome Grampa Noir, The Modfather. (that idea © Gareth Bundy 2009, just in case lol). THIS may not have been as funny to non-Whovians, but all the folk I watched with (via Twitter) LOVED it. And so, because they are lovely people all, I shall reproduce some of their reaction Tweets below! They are all awesome people so you should follow them all if you use Twitter yourself. Just search their Twitter user name in their by-line here.

*fists* Barrowman.... [via @EJG]
*Barrowman* Buzzcocks is Brillo pads :) [via @GlitteryKezzy]
Why is this only on for half an hour? This special is pure gold! #buzzcocks [via @charlottexoxo]
Whatever Catherine Tate's on, I want some. [via @The_Arn]
This is THE best #NeverMindTheBuzzcocks EVER! /END! /DONE! /FINISHED! [via @Mardavemad]
A singing Ood on Buzzcocks. Never thought I'd see that. [via @thisstage]
That Tate woman gives us gingers a bad name. [via @pricetom]
Dr Who Buzzcocks is actually brilliant and not embarrassing. Cribbins and Tate are truly wonderful. I ache! [via @claytonhickman]
amazing Buzzcocks! CT is hilarious and DT is a natural 5 stars [via @Aquarius82]
And BC sang Right said Fred...awww. [via @dragonmyst]

They also showed a great TV trailer for The End Of Time straight after it, I've stuck that in, below. And now I'm going to watch St Trinian's and fall asleep. Thanks for reading. Don't have nightmares. I love you all x

"The Only Psychopaths In The Universe To Kill You Nicely"

Once upon a Tuesday, new Doctor Who executive producer and head writer, Steven Moffat, gave his first broadcast interview since taking the reins from outgoing exec producer, Russel T Davies, to a lovely, dithery-sounding old fella on BBC Radio 3.

Steven talked about his idea of what Doctor Who is - a dark fairy tale. He talked about the role of the Doctor and the actors who play him - Matt Smith, apparently, plays the Doctor as someone who's been alive for hundreds of years!

nd a bunch of other stuff. He's not a very forthcoming interviewee, not very much is talked about that hasn't been heard before (mainly in the Moffat opinions posted on the old Doctor Who Forum by the man himself) and what new stuff they do discuss is skimmed over with such spoiler-avoiding expertise that it's a surprise we know ANYTHING at all about Moffat's first series...

Although, when he was asked to give just one exclusive piece of information, a little teaser, something that ONLY the production team know for sure, he thought for a while and then offered this. What is really the first piece of solidly confirmed information about the 2010 series, DESPITE it being something we have speculated about on forums for weeks and weeks! Six words, "just six..."

"The Weeping Angels are coming back!"


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Doctor Who Does Buzzcocks! Tomorrow At 10pm!

Don't miss the Never Mind The Buzzcocks Doctor Who Special, tomorrow night (16/12) at 10PM(GMT) on BBC2. If you do then you obviously aren't a real Doctor Who fan! So there!

David Tennant hosts, Bernard Cribbins and Jo Whiley join Phil Jupitus' team. Catherine Tate and Jamie Cullum join Noel Fielding! It is going to be hilarious!

It's Not New, But BOY! Is It Good!!!

Take a look at this short video (from Blogtor Who) featuring the Doctor battling the Master in (presumably) the wastelands of London.

It's not a new video but oh my God! Could this blast be what finishes the Doctor off? Unlikely, I know... there's no way they'd show us that before transmission. But how nasty does the Master look?! And how determined is our Doctor?!

Thanks to http://www.blogtorwho.blogspot.com for allowing me to pinch their video.

Donna Noble - The Most Important Woman In The Whole Of Creation?

When he lost Rose during the events of Doomsday, the Doctor didn't get a chance to mourn like he wanted. The second he said goodbye (or didn't say "I love you too") he was thrown straight into a brand new adventure. Human bride-to-be, Donna Noble, inexplicably appeared in his TARDIS claiming he must either kidnapped her, or that it was yet another revenge trick played by Nerys. Neither turned out to be true, but who cares? The Runaway Bride, 2006's Doctor Who Christmas special, introduced us to the most popular New-Who companion (it's official, check the results of my poll) so far! Played with aplomb by comedienne Catherine Tate, better known as a foul mouthed old nan in her TV show), Donna Noble was to introduce Catherine's unique humour and heartbreaking depth to a brand new audience. Donna Noble was here!

Working for H.C. Clements, a security firm - and a shell company for the recently disbanded Torchwood Institute - she fell in love with, and arranged to marry, the HR Manager Lance. But this was no ordinary pairing... Lance was in cahoots with Empress of the Racnos, an ancient race of arachnids trapped at the centre of the Earth at the moment of it's creation. Poisoning Donna with Huon Particles, ancient energy used, among other things, to power the TARDIS, his intention was for Donna to be sacrificed in order to open an ancient lock sealing the racnos at the Earth's core. On their release the giant spiders would devour the whole world. But, drawn aboard the TARDIS, Donna and the Doctor saved the day, as per usual. The Doctor offered her a place aboard with him but she refused, too much danger. It wasn't her her.

And that was it. World saved, the Doctor and Donna parted ways. But a Donna is for life, not just for Christmas! During an ivetigation into strange happenings at Adipose Industries a year later the Doctor and Donna were to cross paths again. Her experience with the Doctor at Christmas had given her a new-found curiosity. And she had dedicated her (somewhat dead-end) existence to finding the one man who made her feel important - namely, the Doctor. Defeating human fat, Pyrovile, living shadows, time beetles and DAVROS himself, The Doctor and Donna Noble forged a life long friendship. Gone were the days of bumping uglies in the TARDIS swimming pool (as he must have done with Rose) or being stalked by the obsessive Martha Jones. All the Doctor wanted from Donna was "a mate"... Oh boy! Did that cause some confusion!

And undergoing a Human Time Lord Metacrisis, creating the prophesied DoctorDonna - human body with a Time Lord mind - she defeated the Daleks and their Creator with her comedic typing skills, something that had many fans crying about! Alas, there must never BE a human Time Lord. The Metacrisis DoctorDonna should not, could not, exist. If she were to carry on with a Time Lord mind in a - quite frankly inferior - human brain she would burn up and die.

And so, against his wishes, and those of Donna herself, the Doctor wiped her mind of all traces of their adventures together. Remembering what she is would destroy her. So her adventures were trusted to her grandfather, Christmas companion Wilf, Donna would have to live the rest of her life not knowing that it was she - and she alone - who saved not just the world, but all of existence. All worlds. However if she remembers the Doctor, the TARDIS or anything that went on while she was aboard, the Time Lord aspects of her mind would fire into life and she would burn up again. So, lets just hope that nobody reminds her of what went on eh! Or that could be a very sad Christmas for the Nobles... (snigger). As we know, Donna appears in the 2009 Christmas Special. As has been rumoured, the cliffhanger to The End Of Time, Part One is Donna's eyes burning with flames!

So... I fear we have not seen the last of the DoctorDonna. And as happy as this makes me, the consequence of this knowledge breaks my heart.

ccepted as much more than just a 40 year old school girl shouting "am I bovvered?", Caatherine Tate has become loved as a huge part of Doctor Who's recent history. Nobody thought she would be any good at all, let alone the most warmly embraced companion since the series' return. Is Donna Noble the most important woman in the whole of creation? Yes, to some fans, she really is!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Slow Week For Doctor Who

I'm sorry for my lack of blogs lately. Not only has there been very little to report on but I've also been re-watching a lot of the revival in preparation for Christmas Day's big offering. So this post it a collection of some of the Who-y things I've been musing upon. Things like MY HOUSE; spotted on The Idiot's Lantern. And the fact that I've just realised how brave the opening episode of the 2005 series, "Rose", actually IS!

Firstly, though, did you all see this in the papers/online? The TARDIS has been photographed on top of Caerphilly Castle (pictured) all lit up and looking pretty magnificent! Of course, because all Who fans are basically conspiracy mad snoops, we all thought it may have something to do with actual filming. The fact that Tennant hasn't filmed in his TARDIS for months. And as we all know, the TARDIS pictured is the 'old' one. even got a text from my mother saying (and I quote) "2 things. first mike [her friend] has sfx mags for you if you want them or he'll throw them out. and the tardis is on top of the castle in caer. do you know about this?" I do love my Mum, she tries... She even told me that if I took my girlfriend home for Christmas Dinner this year my Mum would "make sure everyone is quiet for Doctor Who". Bless 'er.

In other news, there have been some cool little clips released this week too. To go with the beautiful Christmas Idents we have clips of Wilf entering into the TARDIS for the first time (which offers the best "reaction to the TARDIS" ever, in my opinion), a clip of Minnie (June Whitfield) and her gang as they appear in The End Of Time (complete with Doctor's Arse Pinching) and a GREAT little video of Tennant singing and dancing with the Proclaimers, presumably taken when they were shooting that video for RTD. You know, the one where the still of Tennant, Simm and Dalton in costume comes from. Anyway, I've linked all the videos here, here (lovely little mention of Netty in that, for all you Beautiful Chaos fans) and here. So take a look-see. Also, I'd love to know what you think! PLEASE comment. I know the blog only gets a few hits a day, but the opinions of those "hitters" are valued. :)

Coming soon to Sol 3 (this blog, that is...), Donna Noble - The Most Important Woman In All Creation, The Tenth Doctor: RIP, new polls every saturday and MUCH more Who related stuff. If you have any suggestions as to what you'd like to see, or what you think I should be doing more of, then please comment! Alternatively, email me through my profile (although commenting is EXACTLY the same thing) or send me a Tweet @gabundy. Let me know it's about this blog by tagging it #sol3. Thanks.

And now, I think, more digging for Doctor Who gold. Catch you all soooooon!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Oh My God, We're Gonna Be Busy Whovians This Christmas!

So, as if two almost-feature-length Christmas/New Year Specials aren't enough to keep us going this Christmas, as if the cute Doctor Who BBC ONE idents aren't enough to warm your festive cockles, the "television" seems to be throwing Who stuff our way left, right and centre!

With huge, HUGE thanks to The Doctor Who News Page (@doctor_who_news) and all those who have contributed so much of their time in compiling exhausting lists and schedules for us, we are lucky enough to have (basically) a WHOLE MONTH of Who related programming across TV and Radio.

Below you will find the full breakdown of what's in store for us this Christmas. If you have a job; quit it. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife; leave them. If you have not paid your television license; go to a friend's house. Because we, as fans, are in for the most action-packed Who-letide (like Yuletide, geddit?) ever! And it all starts VERY SOON!

The Graham Norton Show (appearance by Catherine Tate)
Monday 7th December - 10.35-11.20pm BBC ONE

Chain Reaction (repeat, David Tennant interviews Richard Wilson)
Thursday 10th December - 11.00-11.30pm BBC RADIO 4

Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf - part one (repeat)
Friday 11th December - 5.30-6.00pm BBC SEVEN

Shelved (documentary on abandoned programmes, including Shada)
Saturday 12th December - 10.30-11.00am BBC RADIO 4

An Hour With Jon Pertwee (repeat)
Saturday 12th December - 5.00-6.00pm BBC SEVEN

Doctor Who - Dreamland (repeat)
Saturday 12th December - 5.15-6.00pm CBBC

Blue Peter
Tuesday 15th December - 4.35-5.00 BBC ONE

Never Mind The Buzzcocks – Doctor Who Special (Tennant hosts, Cribbins and Tate guest)
Wednesday 16th December – 10.00-10.30pm BBC TWO

Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf - part two (repeat)
Friday 18th December - 5.30-6.00pm BBC SEVEN

Doctor Who - The Infinite Quest (repeat)
Saturday 19th December - 10.00-10.45am BBC TWO

Bedtime Stories (David Tennant reading)
Monday 21st December - 6.50-7.00pm CBEEBIES

The Graham Norton Show - Best Of
Monday 21st December - 10.35-11.20pm BBC ONE

Bedtime Stories (David Tennant reading)
Tuesday 22nd December - 6.50-7.00pm CBEEBIES

Doctor Who – The Next Doctor (repeat)
Tuesday 22nd December – 7.00-8.00pm BBC THREE

Never Mind The Buzzcocks – Doctor Who Special (repeat)
Tuesday 22nd December – 9.30-10.00pm BBC TWO

Bedtime Stories (David Tennant reading)
Wednesday 23rd December - 6.50-7.00pm CBEEBIES

Doctor Who – Planet of the Dead (repeat)
Wednesday 23rd December – 7.00-8.00pm BBC THREE

Tennant interview on GMTV
Thursday 24th December – 6.00-9.25am ITV 1

Doctor Who – Dreamland (repeat)
Thursday 24th December – 9.30-10.15am BBC ONE

Bedtime Stories (David Tennant reading)
Thursday 24th December - 6.50-7.00pm CBEEBIES

Doctor Who – The Waters of Mars (repeat)
Thursday 24th December – 7.00-8.00pm BBC THREE

QI (David Tennant panellist)
Thursday 24th December – 10.00-10.30pm BBC ONE

The Sarah Jane Adventures - The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (repeat)
Friday 25th December - 11.15-12.10 BBC ONE

Doctor Who – The End Of Time, Part One
Friday 25th December - 6.00-7.00pm BBC ONE + BBC HD

Doctor Who Confidential – Lords and Masters
Friday 25th December – 7.00-8.00pm BBC THREE

Catherine Tate – Nan's Christmas Carol (David Tennant appearance)
Friday 25th December - 10.30-11.20pm BBC ONE + HD

David Tennant and Catherine Tate (sitting in for Jonathan Ross)
Saturday 26th December - 10.00am-1.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Hamlet (David Tennant stars)
Saturday 26th December - 5.05-8.10pm BBC TWO

Desert Island Discs (David Tennant)
Sunday 27th December - 11.15-12.00am BBC RADIO 4

Bedtime Stories (David Tennant reading)
Sunday 27th December - 6.50-7.00pm CBEEBIES

Hamlet (repeat)
Sunday 27th December - 4.45-7.45pm BBC HD

Bedtime Stories (David Tennant reading)
Monday 28th December - 6.50-7.00pm CBEEBIES

Who On Who? (David Tennant interviews RTD)
Tuesday 29th December - 5.00-6.00pm BBC RADIO 2

Bedtime Stories (DT reading)
Tuesday 29th December - 6.50-7.00pm CBEEBIES

Alan Carr: Chatty Man (David Tennant and Catherine Tate guests)
Tuesday 29th December - 10.20-11.20pm CHANNEL 4

QI XL (extended repeat, Tennant as panellist)
Tuesday 29th December - 10.55-11.40pm BBC TWO

Bedtime Stories (David Tennant reading)
Wednesday 30th December - 6.50-7.00pm CBEEBIES

Bedtime Stories (David Tennant reading)
Thursday 31st December - 6.50-7.00pm CBEEBIES

Doctor Who at the Proms (repeat)
Thursday 31st December - 2.00-3.00pm BBC HD

Alan Carr: Chatty Man (repeat)
Thursday 31st December - 10.00-11.00pm E4
Thursday 31st December - 10.45pm-12.45am CHANNEL 4

Doctor Who – The End Of Time, Part One (repeat)
Friday 1 January - 12.55-1.55pm BBC ONE (+ BBC HD?)

Doctor Who – The End Of Time, Part Two
Friday 1 January - 6.40-7.55pm BBC ONE + BBC HD

Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas IS Doctor Who

Wow! I think this last 24 hours has been the most forthcoming we have had in terms of information, videos and pictures relating to The End Of Time. We've seen Christmas BBC One Idents, new trails for the Christmas Special and a picture of the beautiful, wonderful Vinvocci (pictured).

We've had more clues than we've ever had about what the Master - and the enigmatic Joshua Naismith - may be up to this Christmas! There are a few different sources for all this Doctor Who Gold, so instead of reproducing and crediting each source on here, I've put a list of links below for you... I hope you all enjoy as much as I did! Roll on bloody Christmas! I cannot wait to see that the hell Russell has in store for us. Personally, I love what we've got.

The Christmas BBC One idents are joyous and the perfect balance to an otherwise dark and brooding Doctor Who Christmas. The trailer from the BBC is thrilling and shows us more of that oddly electronic Master. The 10 photos from Digital Spy are amazing!

I'll let you take a look yourself. For the record, these are not exclusives by me, but by the wondrous people who get there first. You can ignore the Gruffalo trailer at the beginning of the new End Of Time one. Or not, it looks cute too and has James Corden in it by the sounds of things!


The End Of Time Trailer
BBC One Christmas Ident
Digital Spy Photo Set

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The End Of Time, Scheduling Change?

Yesterday, Digital Spy reported that the transmission time for The End Of Time over Christmas and New Year's had changed. Previously it was reported that the first part would air at 7.30pm on Christmas Day.

That has apparently been changed to 6pm Christmas Day instead, running for one hour.

I'm not reporting on the air-time of the second part, it's all bound to change again soon. You know how it is! I've altered the countdown, up there, based on the new transmission times and I promise to keep you up to date with any changes or breaking news as soon as I hear about it.

Also, while we're on the subject of Christmas TV, I was also very angry to see that that Christmas Movie Favourite "To Be Confirmed" is on EVERY BLOODY CHANNEL, SO MANY TIMES over Christmas, according to the TV guide. Bah, humbug!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Many Faces Of The Master

Gallifrey. Before 1963 (or whatever). Another Gallifreyan attends the Time Lord Academy with the Doctor.

Once friends, now mortal enemies - but with a lasting, grudging respect for each other. The Master took a vastly differing path than that of the Doctor. Heading out into the universe, not to save worlds, but to conquer them. Running from his own people the Master's main goal in life(s) is to never die. Onscreen, the Master has always been suave and cunning and charming. He always has a plan, always has a secret. And, until recently, he always had a sinister goatee beard. One of the Doctor's most successful and best loved adversaries made his first appearance in Terror Of The Autons in January 1971. Playing the 'Moriarty' to the Doctor's Holmes, the Master was immediately effective and incredibly well matched with the Doctor. Played with oozing smarm and sizzling malice by Roger Delgado, the Master was behind most of the troubles faced by Third Doctor Jon Pertwee. Delgado held the role until his tragic death in 1973. At this stage the popularity he'd gained was massive. With no actor to play the role the production team decided to rest the character...

The Master returned in the Fourth Doctor story The Deadly Assassin in 1976. Skulking in the shadows below the Gallifreyan Citadel, nearing the end of his last regeneration, the emaciated form of the Master was nothing like his usually suited and preened self! Decaying and shrouded in a dark cloak it was the turn of Peter Pratt to make the Master sinister and threatening. Directing an assassination from the wings the Master cut a pretty scary figure, far more desperate than we've ever seen him before! Alas, he escapes once again (of COURSE he does) although he doesn't manage to gain the extra life he so fervently sought! And we got to see this ghostly Master once again, hiding inside his TARDIS (disguised as an evil, but stationary, statue) in The Keeper Of Traken, again against Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor, but this time played by Geoffrey Beevers. This time, however, he succeeded in gaining some sort of life by taking over the body of Trakenite Tremas (father of companion Nyssa). This led to the second wave of Master plots, this time with Anthony Ainley in the black velvet. And he was to play the role until the shows cancellation in 1989. More pantomime villain than any of his predecessors, Ainley was still magnificently successful and became THE Master to many of Who's younger fans, as Tom Baker had become THE Doctor.

But, as I mentioned, Doctor Who was cancelled and the Master was not to be seen again until the 1996 TV Movie, where he was played (somewhat uncharacteristically) by Eric Roberts, with an American accent! Yet again, the result of the battle with the Doctor was defeat, this time final. And then, during the Time War that took part before the 2005 series the Time Lords resurrected the Master, thinking he would be "the ultimate soldier". However, the cowardly Master ran. Hiding himself in human form (the form of Sir Derek Jacobi to be precise) at the very end of the universe, it was just his bloody luck to run into the Doctor one more time. Killed by his assistant, the Malmooth Chantho ("...an insect. A girl!") he was able (thanks to the Time Lords) to regenerate again, this time into John Simm!

Younger, louder and far more "in touch" than any of his previous incarnations, the Master stole the Doctor's TARDIS, travelled to the Twenty First century and became Prime Minister of Great Britain. Using his power to summon an alien race and take over the world, he had is largest success to date, controlling the planet for a whole year before a plan hatched between Martha and the Doctor toppled his evil dreams once again. On capture, with nowhere too go, he was shot by his "wife" Lucy Saxon, and refused to regenerate, dying in the Doctor's arms. His body was cremated on a pyre and his story came to an end for good. NOT! Somebody has his ring, picked from his ashes. And we have already been told that he will return this Christmas.

Gone are the suits and style of previous regenerations, replaced instead with bleached hair, stubble and a black hoodie. His plans are set to turn the world on it's head. But, unfortunately, that is all we know. Whatever happens, Christmas is going to be AMAZING! Not long to wait now, keep following the countdown above.

And while you're doing that, why not take a look at this marvelous video, created by the one and only Amy Genders (@kolosigma/8Bulletproof8)