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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The End Of Waiting?

For weeks we have waited, aching for any snippets of info about The End Of Time, like the spoiler hounds we are. We've had trailers, enemy confirmations, set reports and photos, but very little else!

The usually reliable sources in the media; your Ben Cooks, your Lizos, your BBC Ents Team - even @Moffat_, selfproclaimed FAKE Steven Moffat - have had next to nothing to offer us about what The End Of Time, Part One has to offer. It's been hell. Spoiler free hell... And then this morning, at about 9.30am, Ben Cook posts this on his Twitter:
I've an invite (non-transferable!) to tonight's End of Time press launch + a ticket to see Basement Jaxx @ the O2. Which should I attend?!
And Lizo Mzimba posts this:
It's (almost) the end. But has the moment been prepared for? Some treats for you later!
So I think, off the back of those posts, we can safely say that today is the day we have waited for... The day that someone, anyone, gets to see The End Of Time, Part One in full.

There are bound to be leaks in the spoilerproof press pipe. And even if there aren't there will be the first official reviews! I cannot tell you how excited I am for this. As much as I want to remain spoiler-free(ish) I want to know EVERYTHING that leaks today. Or not. I'm not sure...

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