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Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas IS Doctor Who

Wow! I think this last 24 hours has been the most forthcoming we have had in terms of information, videos and pictures relating to The End Of Time. We've seen Christmas BBC One Idents, new trails for the Christmas Special and a picture of the beautiful, wonderful Vinvocci (pictured).

We've had more clues than we've ever had about what the Master - and the enigmatic Joshua Naismith - may be up to this Christmas! There are a few different sources for all this Doctor Who Gold, so instead of reproducing and crediting each source on here, I've put a list of links below for you... I hope you all enjoy as much as I did! Roll on bloody Christmas! I cannot wait to see that the hell Russell has in store for us. Personally, I love what we've got.

The Christmas BBC One idents are joyous and the perfect balance to an otherwise dark and brooding Doctor Who Christmas. The trailer from the BBC is thrilling and shows us more of that oddly electronic Master. The 10 photos from Digital Spy are amazing!

I'll let you take a look yourself. For the record, these are not exclusives by me, but by the wondrous people who get there first. You can ignore the Gruffalo trailer at the beginning of the new End Of Time one. Or not, it looks cute too and has James Corden in it by the sounds of things!


The End Of Time Trailer
BBC One Christmas Ident
Digital Spy Photo Set

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