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Monday, November 30, 2009

Doctor Who Advent(ure) Calendar Returns

It's back! The highlight of the BBC Doctor Who site over the festive period, The Adventure Calendar, returns tomorrow. Every day in December a window will be opened and us, the fans, will get a little Doctor Who treat! You can keep up to date with what's on offer - be it pictures, audio clips, behind the scenes videos or interviews, by clicking THIS LINK HERE!


Doctor Who 2010 Filming Update

Never let it be said that Doctor Who fans are lazy and don't go to extreme lengths for their spoilers! When the cast and crew of Doctor Who headed to Croatia to film the latest Pseudo-historical story, featuring Van Gogh and a "yellow alien", I don't think any of us would have been disappointed if we didn't get to see any filming. Nobody complains when there filming happens in places that are unaccessable. Nobdody moans when we simply don't know where filming is happening. And nobody can be expected to go all the way to another country to (hopefully) catch a climpse of the team at work.

But, as you can see, luckily for us, some Doctor Who fans are basically the geek equivolent of Solid Snake. Like a nerdy Ray Mears (with less visable scrotum) fans have sought out the picturesque setting for what looks to be series 5's most ambitious shoot yet. As the photographs (stolen, with love, from this website, scroll down the page, they have more pics than I do here...) show, a large scale shoot, with scenes reminiscent of The Shakespeare Code - only better looking in my opinion - was undertaken.

And, by the looks of things, Arthur Darvill's "Rory" seems to have hitched a ride into the past with the Doctor and Amy, adding to the theory that he is the second companion to travel with Matt Smith's Time Lord. Series 5 is shaping up nicely now. We know a fair bit about a good few of the episodes despite Steven Moffat's apparent "War On Spoilers". These photos are an astounding 'Fans 1 - 0 Moffat' I'm not sure, though, just how Amy's lovely fishnet tights and boots will go down with the locals! I guess we'll just have to wait to find out! The bad news is (and I never thought I'd say THIS) we have to wait for that Tennant chap to get out of the picture first!

Oh, this is just not FAIR!!! Is it next year yet?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wilfred Mott - The Most Faithful Companion?

Once upon a Christmas, the Doctor was teleported to Earth on Christmas Eve and something was wrong. Everyone was gone... Well, almost everyone. The Queen had stayed behind, not allowing herself to be cared by the threat of alien happenings on Christmas - AGAIN! And someone else was hanging around London too, holding vigil with Her Majesty.

Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins) was out too, in his booth, selling papers. With an unnaturally inquisitive mind when it came to all things extra terrestrial, Wilfred Mott was left speechless and wondering "how" when he witnessed the Doctor (David Tennant) and Astrid Peth (Kylie Minogue) teleported away to the SS Titanic in front of his very eyes. And that, in most people's lives, would be all an encounter with the Doctor would be. But Wilf isn't just any nice old man... The Doctor would forever be linked to Wilf by family. Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), the Doctor's feisty companion (who he met not only once, but TWICE) was Wilf's granddaughter. Of course, neither Wilf nor the Doctor knew this until much later into Donna's adventures! And, through the intervention of Dalek Caan, the fate of all three would be cemented together. Unfortunately, their time together would not have a happy ending!

When Donna absorbed the Doctor's mind during the metacrisis in Journey's End the Doctor had no option but to wipe her mind of all traces of him and her adventures with him. The speed and care that the Doctor took in taking Donna home, to the Chiswick home she shares with her Mother, Sylvia, and her Gramps, connected Wilf and the Doctor forever. Two wise, knowledgeable old men taking on the world together. There is mutual respect there. The Doctor trusts Wilf. He charges him with the task of making sure Donna never remembers her time in the TARDIS. And Wilf promises not forget the Doctor and to think of him whenever he sees the stars.

Sadly, the Doctor and Wilf's paths are to cross sooner - and in much worse circumstances - than either of them thought. This year, on Christmas Day, the Doctor will call on Wilf, reluctantly, to help him defeat the threat posed by the return of his most feared adversary, the Master. And if rumours circulating at the moment (about a gift given to Cribbins on his last day of filming) are to be believed, it may be the last great adventure Wilf gets to have. The Doctor must die, we know this, but as Caan prophesised in Journey's End "Death will come to the most faithful companion" and, unfortunately, "one must still die!"...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Doctor Who Scheduling Confirmed By BBC

So, after months and months of waiting and wondering just how the BBC will decide to show the two parts of David Tennant's epic finale The End Of Time, we finally have an answer! Some of you will be happy, most of you will go "Oh, I thought we knew this" and a few of you will complain that you have to wait too long between parts one and two...

But, confirmed it has been!

The End Of Time, Part One will air on December 25th (Christmas Day) from 7.30pm - 8.30pm. A healthy time if you ask me!

The End Of Time, Part Two will be shown on January 1st (New Year's Day) from 7.30pm - 8.45pm. A whole 75 minutes!!

NOW, on hearing this confirmed officially, the excitement can start. As you may have noticed I have already added a countdown to the first part above. And one more great thing to come out of this; David Tennant will officially be the Doctor from Christmas Day 2005 - New Year's Day 2010. That's great! Five years (don't be picky) of Tennant has been great. Now, when he goes, I'll be looking forward to at least five years of Matt Smith. Oh, and he's gonna be good!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Doctor Who: Dreamland, Episode Six

Well folks, this is it. The last episode of Dreamland has arrived. Mrs Grey and the Doctor are rushing to get the genetic weapon back to Mr Grey. Cassie and 'Steppenwolf' are speeding toward a sticky encounter with a Viperox army and Lord Azlok ain't giving up until he's wiped the Greys out of the Universe. I loved this last installment. Full to bursting of lovely little Whoisms and a couple of beautifully animated 'Flying Saucers', the Doctor (obviously) saves the day and finally gets the chance to eat! He's gone off the chili though, not surprisingly. A real war rages in the skies, helicopters vs. Viperox, but Rivesh Mantilax (Mr Grey) is saved just in time. Oh, go and watch it... I'm not doing it justice. My only complaint is that this wasn't the same length as Episode One. At 7 minutes this does suffer a little from dues ex machina syndrome a bit. But never let it be said, with a sound system like that, that the TARDIS is a bad place for a party.

One thing we now have to accept though people. As greatly enjoyable as this series was, it is the LAST time we will see Ten in his blue suit and the last Doctor Who until The End Of Time on Christmas Day. Scary, huh? And THAT will be the beginning of the end for Tennant. As Azlok mentions to him, before being sent packing by the wonders of sonic technology, "Your day will come, Doctor!"... "Yeah, so they say" replied the Doctor, carelessly. All I hope, with all my heart, is that this "cartoon Doctor Who" thing is done again, with Matt Smith as the Doctor. And you know what? I'm even going to say this; use the same animation style. It certainly wasn't as bad as we all thought it would be and, to be honest with you, I kinda fell in love with it by the end.

Don't miss Dreamland, broadcast as a 45 minute animated stand-alone on December 5th (10am) on BBC2 and the CBBC Channel. I'll be there, watching along again. And I think it'll benefit from being screened all together. BBC2. Dec 5th. 10:00am.

Now, what the hell am I going to write about for the next few weeks?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Doctor Who: Dreamland, Episode Five

So! Episode five starts a few moments after Lord Azlok vowed to turn America "to dust beneath our feet!" and flew into the sunset, cackling. During the struggle, poor Mr Grey got caught up in the scuffle and lies dying on the steel floor of Lab 51. You know I love this series to bits, but today I'm going to talk about something that does bother me a bit. Firstly, though, what happens in Episode five? Well, claiming that she can save her husband's life, with an artifact from her ship, Mrs Grey (I'm not even going to bother writing her real name in, like) asks to be lead to it. So, while she and the Doctor trek into the bowels of Area 51's vault together Cassie and Chief Running Sore (or whoever) are sent to recover the TARDIS from the roadside. However, Lord Azlok has requested reinforcements from the Viperox Queen and gets them!

As the sun sets over Nevada the deadly Viperox Hoards surface (in a stunningly exciting sequence worthy of praise here) and cause untold damage to nearby villages. The Viperox invasion has started, and it's up to the Doctor (stuck in a box) to escape the (somewhat shoehorned in) hungry Skorpius Flies and get Mrs Grey back to her husband. But will Cassie and Mr Shitting Bull succeed in escaping the Viperox and getting the TARDIS back to base? Tune in tomorrow folks, etc. And now, the catch. I've ignored this so far, it hasn't been too much of a bother to me - until now. During the chase in the vault, the Doctor and Mrs Grey escape to the wonderful tune of The UNIT Theme. WHY?! IT DOESN'T FIT!!! But that's all I can find fault with... Oh, and the fact that Tennant's thumb looks like a willy at the 5.10 - 5.25 mark. But that's funny!

This makes me sad to say:


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Doctor Who: Dreamland, Episode Four

When we last left the Doctor and his faithful yankpanions, he was trying to uncover the secrets of the alliance between Colonel Stark and the vicious Viperox. It seemed that maybe the lovable Grey aliens weren't as harmless as they appeared. Could it be that the Viperox hoards are the good guys here? Well, episode four held the answers! I've given up on trying to avoid spoilers here, you know the score. Go watch the bloody episode first. Bloody brilliant episode it is, too. The answer, then, to that question about the Viperox, is no. They are not nice aliens. They are chasing a weapon which could be used against them in the war with the Greys, remember the space-junk in the diner? Yeah, that. And Colonel Stark and the US Army are looking to use it for themselves, to rid the world of "The Reds", yep. RUSSIA! Fear of nuclear war is inspiring Stark to get rid of the enemy using an alien bio-weapon created by the Greys. NOT A GOOD IDEA because, as the Doctor knows, the cold war is... well, cold. Nobody shoots, nobody wipes anyone out.

So the Doctor steals the weapon, heads to the roof and is chased by Stark, who explains a bit about the plan, about what the deal is... But when the ever knowing Doctor explains that the Viperox are cunts (I'm paraphrasing here), Colonel Stark decides to act with him. But is it too late?! I can't give this series enough praise. It's going to be brilliant seeing it as a 45 minute stand-alone. I can't wait for it to be shown on December 5th, 5pm on CBBC Channel and BBC Two. It has everything! Suspense, fear, humour, bad-ass aliens, good-ass aliens, a companion apparently dressed in the get-up of The Fifth Doctor (see the link there, fact fans?)

Guh! I'd love to know what you lot think about it... Really! So comment below, and VOTE IN THE POLL IN THE SIDE BAR TO THE LEFT! <-----

Roll on tomorrow, for I think the game just got hot! Can the Doctor save the world? Yep, but it's gonna be worth watching anyway! :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Doctor Who: Dreamland, Episode Three

So, despite all the apprehension I was feeling about this mini-series, based on bad animation and an idea that has been done to death, I have to admit that Dreamland could possibly be the one thing we should have had in the so-called Gap Year. Not only does it have a killer alien race, a pair of fun companions and a nice little conspiracy feel, it also has some really touching, funny little moments that out-do (in my humble opinion) some of the emotion in Doctor Who Proper. Today, part three offered up a thrilling chase through abandoned mine shafts, an encounter with robot-alien-cleaner-uppers/Men In Black and another lovely little cliffhanger.

Granted, the cliffhangers are on a par with "Sarah Jane falling down the hill" in The Five Doctors (episodically broadcast version) when it comes to the threat level how they are solved, but knowing we only have to wait one day for the resolution means we don't mind so much, right? So... little time is given to us to debate and speculate about what Colonel Stark meant by "You've just helped me save the world!" prompting the Doctor to worry that, for the first time in 900 years, this is 'bad news'. Also, without spoiling too much for you (remember, I'm trying to do this spoiler free. And failing, evidently) if you like traditional looking "Grey" aliens, then this episode is for you.

I love this series. I'm having a hard time not squeeing like a fan girl over it too because Area 51 has always been of interest to me. I have to give this episode top marks once again, and I didn't even notice the animation flaws today which means the story is doing it's job.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Doctor Who: Dreamland, Episode Two

Oh wow! So, episode two of Dreamland was released on the BBC Doctor Who site today, the next installment of the Doctor's new animated adventure. And fair play to the writers! What a fun, action packed little series this is turning out to be! STILL the animation is "unfamiliar" but I think that's all it is, it's not really as bad as we first thought. Once you get into the story (which is pretty good, actually) you find yourself overlooking the computer game graphics. As @ahremsee mentioned on Twitter today, Dreamland is like "an audio play with pictures". It's lovely. It's funny. It has one hell of a nasty alien! Menacing, intelligent and genuinely scary, the Doctor has rarely encountered such a beast.

The Viperox, a battle-savvy race of green insectoid monsters, are awesome! Given the right design they could work very well in Doctor Who Proper. They've arrived on our planet with a purpose, but that seems not to be invasion. "We seek an enemy of our kind" hisses the Uber-super-duper-Viperox Prince or whatever... but we don't yet know who or what! and this episode, like the last one, has a snappy little cliffhanger ending too... I promised myself not to post spoilers of any of this series, so all I'll say is this; NEST. Who'd have thought that such a quaint little red-button experiment like this would turn out to be so enjoyable! Especially after all the bad comments it's received from us lot.

I can't recommend this enough, click the BBC link above, watch it in order, and hurry back here after school tomorrow (snarf snarf) for Part Three.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Doctor Who: Dreamland, Episode One

Today saw the release of the most recent Doctor Who project, Dreamland, on the BBC Red Button service. A story in six animated parts, a pre-released clip from Dreamland divided fandom into two groups; those who hate the shitty animation and refuse to watch and those who hate the shitty animation but will watch anyway. I was always part of the latter (more loyal) fan-group. However, I take back my harsh comments about the shitty animation. It's not actually all that bad. It's nice, in fact. This is bound to be a colourful romp through Area 51 - that's fine by me!

It seems that David Tennant's final story will be dark, brooding and serious. And sad! So a nice, jolly dash through the sands of Nevada will be welcomed by many!

The story seems straight-forward enough so far. The Doctor visits a Nevada diner 11 years after the Roswell crash and notices that an alien artifact is being displayed as a piece of the damaged ship. Some Men In Black turn up, then a big green alien, then the army. General Stark decides to wipe the minds of the Doctor and his new "companions" but the Doctor is too good for them and decides instead to escape and explore... There is a twist, so click here to watch for yourself. Then again, the photo to the right kind of spoils it. But hey, it's still fun. Georgia Moffett's (previously the Doctor's daughter, Jenny - now Cassie Rice) accent is terrible but that's okay too. All in all, this is a very welcome little treat to help shorten the wait between now and Christmas.

Don't expect a masterpiece of dramatic story telling and you won't be disappointed, because Dreamland is lovely. Even if the music overpowers the action on occasions, but we're used to that now!

I can't wait for Episode Two now! Roll on 4pm tomorrow!

The Doctor Is A Dick!

So, the sneaky peek of the Christmas Special "The End Of Time Part One" was shown earlier on BBC1 as part of their Children In Need appeal. And Oh Boy, what a preview!

The Doctor we know and love has been replaced by a defiant, arrogant, foolish child (in a good way) and it seems that he's not going to take his death lying down!

This is brilliant! Like a stroppy teenager avoiding doing the dishes, only on a cosmic scale, the Doctor refuses to play to the inevitable choosing instead to run from his death and act as though that dark shadow is NOT chasing him around.

Then, Elder-Ood sits with him, shows him the prophetic dreams he's been having and BANG! Doctor Prick comes back down to Earth with a bump. And quite right too... We can't have this Time Lord Victorious bobbing about the Universe defying the Laws of Time all over the shop! That's just not on.

This Christmas/New Year promises to be the most exciting any Who fan has experienced since they released those Tom Baker underpants in the 70's. And I can't wait!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fanvids don't get better than this...

This is simply a Masterpiece.

If you haven't seen The Wheel In Space or 2001 then this may confuse you. But it's worth watching simply for the character renderings! THIS is how Dreamland should look, not like the Wii graphics they're throwing at us today!

And the there's this (which made my morning!) from 1 year ago:

Credit goes entirely to TardisTimegirl. Thanks so much for this beautiful little treat.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Doctor Still Learning Those Lines

Here's another lovely little clip of Matt Smith "getting into the zone" while filming the rumoured Silurian two-parter in a Cardiff graveyard. He IS going to be great! I think we are in for a treat come 2010!

Thanks to catalistt for the video!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Waters Of Mars - My Thoughts

I promised you a review, here it is. Of sorts.

There are, in my opinion, three types of Doctor Who episodes. There are the fun, camp romps (like Planet Of The Dead or Love And Monsters), there are the standard story arc builders (that push the series to its finale) and then there are those rare occasions where we get something VERY special.

The Waters Of Mars fits squarely, and maybe even perfectly, into this category.

It was epic. It provided everything Doctor Who should be. Well, that's not quite true. It was a little too grown up. Let's not forget that the show has always been aimed at an audience of 5 - 12 year olds. They want farting aliens, spikey midgets and Peter Kay in a naked fat suit. Even if we (the grown up nerd patrol, sorry... Old Series Fans) don't. What we got in The Waters Of Mars was death, destruction, hopelessness, rule breaking, the turning of our hero to villain, arrogance, irresponsibility and a suicide. It sounds like a depressing Richard Curtis title.

But it worked! It was amazing! A few things in this episode blew me away! I gulp up the spoilers and set reports on sites like Gallifrey Base, I thrive on knowing what happens and even I was shocked with the way some of it played out.

Firstly, the idea that the Doctor has to walk away from the happenings on Bowie Base One. The deaths there must always happen, for the future of the human race! Not a nice thought. And something that an audience of children would have mixed feelings about. They know the Doctor can't change evens. That's wrong. They also know, however, that he is there to help people, it's why he travels! And if that wasn't conflicting enough for the poor kiddy winks the Doctor then (after walking away, finally) changes his mind, becomes arrogant and develops a kind of God Complex - he become a Doctor that many children won't like! Many children may even be scared of him! This is dangerous territory for Doctor Who.

And then, after cheating time and breaking all the rules the Doctor has spent years ramming down children's throats, he fails. Adelaide kills herself anyway, he saved them all and fucked up time FOR NOTHING. WELL, not for nothing - it was all to bring about the ominous hints of death.

And it works. We have NEVER seen the Doctor like this. I walked away from this episode loving it, but HATING the Doctor! It was genius!! This really is the end for Ten isn't it? Only after seeing this has it hit me! I'm really going to miss him! Roll on Christmas/New Year 2009...

EDIT - I have now tried TWICE to review the and both attempts have turned out rubbish. And I can write! BUT I just cannot find the words to put across my thoughts on this episode... other than saying I FUCKING LOVED IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH.


Monday, November 16, 2009

A Time Lord Victorious! WoM summary

So after months of waiting and weeks of discussion The Waters Of Mars was finally transmitted last night on BBC1. And, luckily for so many of us, it did not disappoint at all! In fact, it may possibly have been the most rounded, interesting, absorbing hour of Doctor Who we have been treated to since its Resurrection in 2005. Never has a simple Base Under Siege story been so... well, complex!

The following review contains episode spoilers. If you haven't watched The Water Of Mars yet, click here first.

Mars. November 21st, 2059. Captain Adelaide Brooke and her crew are the first people to found a base on the Red Planet. Our dear Doctor arrives on the very same day, just sightseeing. But on meeting the crew of Bowie Base One (nice, eh?) he remembers that the members of it's crew are not famous just for being the first to Mars. Something else happens today, something that MUST always happen to assure the progression of the human race. Bowie Base One and all of it's crew are doomed. An interesting idea. Like the Pompeii episode of Series 4 The Waters Of Mars deals with those times in history that MUST BE. Fixed points in time. Only, this history hasn't happened for us yet. And it is within this "fixed point" that the drama lies. True, there are some nasty monsters... There's something in the water which infects the humans with only one drop. They go from mild mannered Mars-Gardeners to viscous, water-spewing zombies within seconds of contact with the water. This was how the threat factor of the episode was sold to us. Scary, ugly monsters on Mars. And they were. Scary I mean, very scary. But this wasn't the threat!

You see, the Doctor has always been one for saving things. People, planets, it's what he does. So when faced with a situation that doesn't allow for his meddling - whether saving lives or not - he's faced with a dilemma he rarely has to think about. Adelaide Brooke MUST die. Her death is what inspires her granddaughter to follow in Nana's footsteps and explore the heavens. Susie Fontana Brooke is the one who will lead humanity into the stars. She even, we are told in a throwaway line, creates a whole new species by falling in love and having children with an alien prince. Humanity needs her. And she needs Adelaide. Unfortunately, it's her death that's the clincher here.

So, the Doctor is stuck. He has all these people in front of him, people he knows will die. But he cannot do anything about it for fear of breaking the laws of time and changing future history! What to do, what to do? And the Doctor does the only thing he believes he can do. He walks away.

Que some running down corridors, avoiding water and trying not to get infected while at the same time trying to evacuate the base! If one drop of this infected water reaches Earth, that's it. The End. So... evacuation is the chosen option. But time has other ideas. A series of unfortunate events - the infection/death of a few more crew members (beautifully acted by a stellar cast) and the loss of the rocket that was to take them home (in one of the grandest shots ever to grace out screens... Seeing a suited Doctor blown forward by the destruction he has decided to leave behind him is beautiful) means that the fate of the base and it's crew is sealed. They are stuck. Only one option remains, detonation.

And this takes us up to the most thought-provoking scenes in Doctor Who's history, in my opinion. Bigger even than the "have I the right" bit in Genesis of the Daleks, the Doctor has to decide whether to let innocents die knowing he can save them so easily. A dilemma shared by us watching at home. We all know what the Doctor is about. He's a superhero, basically, who travels the universe saving people and planets. He is morally solid. Always a role model and never seen to be troubled by this role. He helps. He makes people better. He is The Doctor. The Last Of The Time Lords...

...And it is remembering these words that we see him change. Our Doctor - Our Doctor - changes completely. The realisation that he is the last Time Lord hits him and the next fifteen minutes of the episode are where The Waters Of Mars becomes REALLY scary. How are children meant to react when they see a situation like this? They know he should save the crew. But they have also been told, by Their Doctor, that he cannot. And now? He decided that the laws of time are his "and they will obey me!"

Suddenly we see the Doctor proclaim himself not as the only survivor of the Time War, but the WINNER! And this is very true! He is the last Time Lord in existence and has the power to change events! He can do literally whatever he wants to do. There are no Time Lords and, now, no companions to stop him! And it is with this new found lunacy, filled with this God Complex, that the Doctor (using the most annoying Robot in television history, in a good way) uses his TARDIS to take the three last survivors, including Adelaide, back to Earth. He saves those who should never have been saved.

So, away from the threat of the Flood (as the water zombies are so-called) and in a snowy street the Doctor does things that, for me anyway, cement him as a prick. The Doctor has become arrogant, all-powerful and irresponsible. Adelaide tells him this, warning him that he can't do this, that this is just too much power for anyone! To which the Doctor spits "Tough!") His words to the frightened, damaged humans he has just wrongly saved are "Isn't anyone going to thank me?!" (WHAT?! WHEN DOES THE DOCTOR EVER ASK FOR THANKS?!) He refers to Adelaide as the most important person he has ever saved, adding that he has saved others before but they were just "little people"!

But pride comes before a (fucking massive) fall. Adelaide knows the risks of her being alive and decided to do something about it. She enters her house and kills herself. She is the hero here, the Doctor is the villain! Eventually realising he has gone too far, that all his efforts have resulted in death anyway, the Doctor turns to see Ood Sigma, in the snow, "Is this it, my death? Is it time!?" asks the Doctor...

...And as we all know, the next special The End Of Time (trailer below) answers this question with a massive "YES".

The Waters Of Mars was incredible. A mature, thoughtful, dangerous, heartbreaking lesson in what the Doctor has to face everyday. I enjoyed it greatly. And I plan to post a "proper" review as soon as I can.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doctor Who 2010 Filming Update

Well, well, well! After what seems like years (it's not - it's barely weeks) without any filming news at all, this week saw the return of everyone's favourite Time Lord To Be to the streets of Cardiff. Almost.

Scenes shot at night in a Cardiff graveyard have got people talking about the possible return of an old enemy and news from the most recent location, the much-used Temple Of Peace in the city centre, has strengthened these rumours. Maybe even confirmed them to be true?

The following post contains spoilers.
If you don't want to know "the score", look away now!


We've heard all about the Doctor's supposed post-regenerative food cravings. We've poured over pictures of the delectable Amy Pond dressed as a - ahem! sexy - police officer. We've scratched our heads in the hope of understanding why Matt seems to be talking to CGI dogs! We've heard polite Daleks offering WWII scientists tea. So far 2010's set reports seems to be a big jumbled bag of confusing, yet exciting, snippets of what's to come... And here, my friends, is another!

This is Samantha. Samantha, so we hear from several reliable sources, is playing a "female Silurian. Part of a colony of Silurians who have survived underground by feasting on human corpses". Others like her have been spotted filming at the Temple Of Peace this week too, although with nothing close to this much visibility. Make of her what you will. Some are saying "this doesn't look like a Silurian at all!" but those in the know suggest that the story is deals heavily with global warming and Darwinism, so there is always a possibility of evolution in the alien ranks.

Little more is known about the story. We do know that a possible second companion, "Rory" (played by Arthur Darvill) is accompanying Amy and the Doctor into the near future this time. FYI "Rory" was previously seen on location filming for episode one.

Sci fi legend Ian Levine claims (on the Gallifrey Base forum) that this is Chris Chibnall's 2 part Silurian story, episodes 8 and 9. He has yet to be wrong in his predictions. So take it as read, I think. And a scary little tale it looks too (although another rumour suggests this female Silurian falls in love with the Doctor...)

As always, our intrepid roaming set-reporters have been out in force gathering up all the information they possibly can from hours and hours of hanging around in Cardiff's (torrential) rain to bring us the best spoilers and spotting around. Oh, the joys of living in Cardiff City! This is my favourite Matt/Karen video yet!

If you use Twitter, you should search the #dwsr set report tag for updates, or follow @DrWhoSetReports, @drwhofilming and @drwholocations for the latest news.

Thanks to @alun_vega, @ahremsee and all the other set reporters for their efforts (you know who you are) along with coldkittenanxiety and catalistt for their videos!

And stay tuned, there will be more of this COMING SOON!