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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Slow Week For Doctor Who

I'm sorry for my lack of blogs lately. Not only has there been very little to report on but I've also been re-watching a lot of the revival in preparation for Christmas Day's big offering. So this post it a collection of some of the Who-y things I've been musing upon. Things like MY HOUSE; spotted on The Idiot's Lantern. And the fact that I've just realised how brave the opening episode of the 2005 series, "Rose", actually IS!

Firstly, though, did you all see this in the papers/online? The TARDIS has been photographed on top of Caerphilly Castle (pictured) all lit up and looking pretty magnificent! Of course, because all Who fans are basically conspiracy mad snoops, we all thought it may have something to do with actual filming. The fact that Tennant hasn't filmed in his TARDIS for months. And as we all know, the TARDIS pictured is the 'old' one. even got a text from my mother saying (and I quote) "2 things. first mike [her friend] has sfx mags for you if you want them or he'll throw them out. and the tardis is on top of the castle in caer. do you know about this?" I do love my Mum, she tries... She even told me that if I took my girlfriend home for Christmas Dinner this year my Mum would "make sure everyone is quiet for Doctor Who". Bless 'er.

In other news, there have been some cool little clips released this week too. To go with the beautiful Christmas Idents we have clips of Wilf entering into the TARDIS for the first time (which offers the best "reaction to the TARDIS" ever, in my opinion), a clip of Minnie (June Whitfield) and her gang as they appear in The End Of Time (complete with Doctor's Arse Pinching) and a GREAT little video of Tennant singing and dancing with the Proclaimers, presumably taken when they were shooting that video for RTD. You know, the one where the still of Tennant, Simm and Dalton in costume comes from. Anyway, I've linked all the videos here, here (lovely little mention of Netty in that, for all you Beautiful Chaos fans) and here. So take a look-see. Also, I'd love to know what you think! PLEASE comment. I know the blog only gets a few hits a day, but the opinions of those "hitters" are valued. :)

Coming soon to Sol 3 (this blog, that is...), Donna Noble - The Most Important Woman In All Creation, The Tenth Doctor: RIP, new polls every saturday and MUCH more Who related stuff. If you have any suggestions as to what you'd like to see, or what you think I should be doing more of, then please comment! Alternatively, email me through my profile (although commenting is EXACTLY the same thing) or send me a Tweet @gabundy. Let me know it's about this blog by tagging it #sol3. Thanks.

And now, I think, more digging for Doctor Who gold. Catch you all soooooon!

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  1. Loving the links, thanks very much ta! I am SO excited to have Wilf on board the TARDIS. Can't even express that in words! XD "I thought it'd be cleaner." I've been waiting for this since the beginning of Series 4...

    And your Mum sounds very sweet, but I know that round my way when we meet up for christmas we're quiet at the television. My mother is a fierce woman, and no one crosses her when Who comes on. So much as a whisper and you get an evil stare. She's like David Tennant's Doctor. You get one chance. Just one.