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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Doctor Is A Dick!

So, the sneaky peek of the Christmas Special "The End Of Time Part One" was shown earlier on BBC1 as part of their Children In Need appeal. And Oh Boy, what a preview!

The Doctor we know and love has been replaced by a defiant, arrogant, foolish child (in a good way) and it seems that he's not going to take his death lying down!

This is brilliant! Like a stroppy teenager avoiding doing the dishes, only on a cosmic scale, the Doctor refuses to play to the inevitable choosing instead to run from his death and act as though that dark shadow is NOT chasing him around.

Then, Elder-Ood sits with him, shows him the prophetic dreams he's been having and BANG! Doctor Prick comes back down to Earth with a bump. And quite right too... We can't have this Time Lord Victorious bobbing about the Universe defying the Laws of Time all over the shop! That's just not on.

This Christmas/New Year promises to be the most exciting any Who fan has experienced since they released those Tom Baker underpants in the 70's. And I can't wait!

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