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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Daleks are a lot of things. They are warmongering, nasty, deadly alien bastards with no emotions other than hate. They've been generic killers, cults with names, imperial armies and mutant humans. They've been led by emperors and scientists. But they have never been "invented by a Scotsman" - until now, apparently!

Saturday night sees the broadcast of Victory Of The Daleks, the Mark Gatiss story that sees everyone's favourite metal maniacs assisting the UK's war effort during the blitz. Apparently, Professor Bracewell has invented them. Britain's new secret weapon! But that can't be the case, can it? Surely not?Well, of course not! The Daleks have a plan, as always. The return of the Dalek race to prime position in the universe pecking order. And if the title is anything to go by it looks like they're about to get the upper hand. Bad news for the Doctor. This must be the first time he's ever really been beaten by them... But you know him, he'll have a plan. And anyway, it's going to be amazing fun to see how the newly designed Daleks (see previous posts) are written into the legend. According to those who've seen it already, the lucky buggers, this could be the best Dalek story in the history of the show. A brave claim considering this is an early-in-the-series stand alone story of seemingly little significance overall. But hey, who knows!

The BBC Doctor Who site have uploaded a few awesome clips from Saturday's episode on the Victory page. They're about half way down the page, just below the wonderful PDF download of that Dalek poster from the next time trailer. A poster that will be hanging on my bedroom wall before the weekend's out. And remember, dear readers, to pop back here after the episode for my review. I usually aim to have them available before Monday. I have a feeling this one will be up more or less immediately, however.

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