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Saturday, April 17, 2010

03. Victory Of The Daleks - Review (And Next Time Trailer)

Okay. So this one was always going to be the one that divided fans. It had NEW Daleks, Winston Churchill, a robot scientist and our Doctor threatening the metal monsters with a Jammy Dodger.

But you're all big boys and girls, you can all make your minds up about the episode for yourself! If you want my opinion, here it is: I LOVED IT. Talk about bringing the Daleks back for good! The new design looked far less garish than they did when the Radio Times revealed them. The Doctor was perfect this week. Matt Smith gave everything he had! And I loved it. I think I would have liked it even more if this was a two part story. It all felt a bit rushed. But it was brilliant. It really is great to have the Daleks back... and you know what? I think they've just been re-established as a serious universal threat. And about time too. Moffat and the team have managed what RTD never quite managed; He made the Daleks big, threatening, unstoppable and genuinely BACK!

Notice the little things in the story though? The fact that the Doctor doesn't allow Amy to keep the TARDIS key. The fact that she doesn't know who the Daleks are... The fact that, despite everything they did, there was a feeling of "unfinished business" about this story - almost as if this was part one of a larger tale. And that crack at the end!! Another instance of WTF! THAT'S what makes this story so appealing for me. It really wasn't about the story itself, it was about a) getting the Daleks back on form, and b) dropping those little hints at what's to come. Lovely.

Overall, this is a a bit of a Marmite episode. You either love it or you hate it. I loved it. I thought it a very tantalising teaser of what kind of threat the Daleks can be when written big (and I don't mean "OH! Daleks blowing up the universe", I mean Daleks as a real, violent, thinking and plotting threat!

Undoubtedly one of the best Dalek stories in Who history.

A massive 8/10 from me! :)

Now, take a look at what's to come next week!


  1. Not a long one this week. I am sorry! Bottom line. The new Daleks are awesome and much more threatening than before. The Doctor was impressive. Amy was amazing and lovely. Bracewell was great. So was Churchill!

    Lovely episode!

  2. This is part 1 of a larger story. The point is, the Daleks got away! The Doctor and Amy may have solved the bomb problem, but this story is only half done... :-) I loved it! The bigger, more colorful Daleks are exciting. Even if they are a bit hunchback!

  3. I was expecting it to be a 2 parter, and even though the (very) end was quite exciting, the 10 mins preceding that were a horrible let down. However the story idea was excellent and I'm so gutted because it could have been so much better.

    Roll on next week though, When I saw River Song on the preview, I jumped out of my seat lol

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