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Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Week In Who - A Lazy Post

Sorry for not blogging for almost a week. I've been busy with work and stuff, but I'm going to get back to normal starting next week. So... For this week I guess I'll have to do my best with a "news update" gathering together the Who stories from the days gone by...

...to begin with...

The biggest news this week, I think, is the confirmation that 70s companion Jo Grant (Katy Manning) will be re-teamed with the Doctor in a special two-part episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures. The episode will see Jo teamed with Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor and the regular SJA cast. The story will be written by ex-Doctor Who Show Runner Russell T Davies. Filming is due to begin very soon!

In other news, Doctor Who will soon be available in Computer Game form. The first chapter of Doctor Who: Interactive Adventures - City Of The Daleks will be available for free download from the official Doctor Who website from June 5th 2010. It promises to be an exciting adventure, if only for the fact that it sees the return of Dalek home planet Skaro. I'll be downloading it... no question about that! It's not the Doctor Who Lego game I'm still wishing for, but it's a start.

Next, all those panicking about ratings falling this series can relax because figures have shown that time shift results have seen a jump of more than 2 million since the overnight figures were collected (based on The Beast Below). Last week's Dalek episode failed to pull in the huge audience it was expected to get. But if you're worried, don't. This week's episode, The Time Of Angels, sees the return of the Doctor's LATEST 'scariest foe', the Lonely Assassins and the Doctor's maybe-future-wife River Song (notice she's not a professor yet!) There's a lovely clip from a recent BBC America documentary included below this post. Notice Matt's awesome responses in this brief exchange with Song, one that may anger some of the more possessive, picky fans.

Oh, and something about Matt Smith having a shit? Or something? I thought we were above this kind of tired pretend-journalism. Hope you like...

And if YOU have anything to share, please comment below! And come back here for my review of The Time Of Angels, this Sunday.

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