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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Doctor Who - Talks, Smithy and Matt In Shorts

Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Gareth. Gareth had a favourite TV show and liked to learn all about it whenever possible.

One day, a good wizard called Simon offered Gareth a special magic ticket to go and see the Executive Producers of the show speak about how they make it and what it means to have it produced in Wales, where Gareth lived.

Obviously, Gareth bit Simon's bloody hand off (not before Simon had bought a beer or two... which Gareth still owes him for). So our tale today is about Gareth, Simon and all the other wonderful people who made this special event more special that it could ever have been! Rarely do a group congregate who share such a strong belief in one topic. Well, I guess there is the IRA, but let's keep this tabloid.

Thursday 4th March was the day of the Doctor Who: Made In Wales event in Cardiff Bay. And what a day!!! The talk itself, which was to feature Steven Moffat as a panellist was shuffled a bit. Steven was too busy writing to make it so Beth Willis (Pictured with me and Piers Wenger) too his place. Such an interesting afternoon! They talked a lot about Who (nothing we didn't already know though) and some about the planned Drama Village. The sound in the Pierhead building was terrible, you could only just make out what they were saying. Most of what was said about Doctor Who could have come directly from Gallifrey Base, but there were a few things that were kind of exclusive.

Beth and Piers talked about "the next few years" and having Matt around "for a while yet" so the future of the show (and of Matt's Doctor) seems a safe bet, for a while at least. When asked about Torchwood, Piers said that "there are big plans for Torchwood, but I don't want to say too much", same really with SJA. Another 2 series commissioned. And it seemed that the presence of the Gallifrey Base set reporters, The Silver Cloak as they have become known, are an expected thing nowadays. Piers mentioned, when talking about location shooting, the "unhinged fans who follow us from place to place". THAT'S US!!! HAHAHA!

And afterwards there was even a chance to chat to the panel about... whatever... I say "a chance", we mobbed the stage before poor Beth and Piers could run away. I nabbed a photo too as you can see. And I have to say, they are both lovely. I asked them about the comments in DWM where Moffat claims that Beth is in league with the Devil and Piers looks like a reanimated corpse. They laughed it off, clearly good humoured about it. When I asked to see Beth's trademark "Stare", she asked "what stare is that?" while STARING AT ME! It was an unsettling sight. But she's lovely. Piers too. Both very enthused in person (if not when they were on the panel).

But my weekend didn't stop there! As I was heading home to drink milk and pray, the crowd coerced me into attending a public house where they served alcohol...

It was the night that was most fun. When Whovians get together and have a beer and a bite to eat, excessive fun is had. And rumours about where to catch the next lot of location filming are shared. So... On Friday March 5th, in Victoria Park, Cardiff, Matt Smith and James Corden had a game of football.

There are photos and videos taken by fellow set reporters which show Matt scoring goals in various ways all over YouTube. Go find them and have a look, they're awesome! But it was watching the cast "play" off screen that was most exciting. It seemed that the three main talents (Pictured; Matt, Daisy Haggard {Psychoville} and James Corden {Gavin & Stacey}) got on really well. Ryan (TimeboyTM on Gallifrey Base) and I were laughing at Matt and James explaining their worth to Doctor Who Confidential between takes, "Matt Smith. The Doctor. Striker. Defender". On Friday filming moved to Victoria Park where the football match between The King's Arms (The Doctor's team) and The Rising Sun was to take place. And if you don't want to know the score, look away NOW! ... the Doctor scores the winning goal.

THEN later that day, the TARDIS was erected in a different area of the Park and a scene was filmed which presumably takes place at the beginning of the episode. The Doctor leans out and says "No, Amy. This isn't the moon of [inaudible]. We've gone [inaudible]..." then there's a bang and the Doctor is thrown out of the TARDIS doors as it de-materialises and leaves without him, taking Amy to who-knows-where. Somewhere with fish presumably.

THEN! On Friday night we received a tip off that filming would be happening at Lanelay Hall in Talbot Green so Ryan and I ventured there too. We found the location straight away, arriving just in time to see a pregnant Amy Pond enjoying a jacket potato with the Doctor (it was the cast's lunch break). We were surprised we got as close as we did. If we'd wanted to we could have easily joined the dinner queue and dined with them! Well, maybe not. When filming resumed later that day it was all interiors. Then the Blue Peter winners turned up for their set visit and the cast (which included Matt and Karen, Arthur Darvill, the old people from Episode 7 and a very tall, smart man in a suit) left the location. We left soon after when we were sure there was no more to see.

It was a great weekend and very nice to see old friends and meet new ones. One can only hope that filming continues this week and that some more snippets can be passed on. Thanks for reading, and sorry this mediocre piece of tripe is so late :D


  1. Well done you!

    Thanks for that smashing report.

    I'm rather out of the loop on the current series news and events (obviously not as well connected as you!) so this was a treat to read.

  2. Nice write up.. It was good fun meeting you all in Cardiff. Doug, your welshtog

  3. Thanks Frank. Coming from you, it means a lot :D

    And I wish I was out of the loop too because this new series is shaping up to be excellent. Full of surprises and FUN!

  4. Nice report, Gareth. Thanks!