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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


On Thursday 4th March 2010, I will be attending an exclusive Doctor Who panel entitled "Doctor Who - Made In Wales".

I guess it's a kind of Q & A about Doctor Who's past and future with emphasis on the show's connection with Wales and Cardiff in particular.

On the panel are:

-Clare Hudson (Head of Programming. BBC Cymru),
-Piers Wenger (Head of Drama, BBC Cymru & ExecProducer of Doctor Who),
-Steven Moffat (Head Writer & Exec Producer of Doctor Who),
-Ian Grutchfield (Brand Manager for Doctor Who)
-& Neil Midgley of the Daily Telegraph.

I'm not 100% sure what to expect from this event, but I shall have my camera with me and will post pictures and a full report of my (inevitably brilliant) afternoon on here on Friday afternoon. As well as a written report I will be making a video about what went on which I will be uploading to the shared nerd-channel KasterborousOne. That'll be up around the same time, Rassilon willing. I can't promise hoards of spoilerificly tantalising info but I CAN promise you ALL I CAN FIND OUT! Personally, I'm hoping for a few exclusive clips of the new series...

So, come here on Friday (I'll be tweeting links) and have a look what I have to say about it. And I would like to say a massive thank you to Simon Watkins for his gargantuan efforts in acquiring tickets to the event (which is to be held in Cardiff Bay) when it seemed there were no tickets to be had. Without him I would not be attending. So, thanks Si, you are a genius!

Have a good day people! I love you all! x

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