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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doctor Who 2005 - 2010: Your Favourites

Since 2005 we have been treated to, arguably. the most successful period in Doctor Who's history. This is due, in no small part, to the fantastic production team (pictured, with Lis Sladen) who never once gave up on our favourite show and who pushed it into a new Golden Age.

There are countless threads on Gallifrey Base praising the show and offering constructive criticisms, as well as some DEstructive crit. But one thread in particular got me thinking - meaning I pretty much copied the idea... Run with me on this... Without these people we would have no Rose, no Adipose, no Slitheen! NO OOD! Without these people we would have no Who. Simple as that. It was Russell's vision, Phil's enthusiasm and Julie's harsh words that made sure our favourite show made it to our screens for a brand new run.

So, my though was... Now we have a new production team, a new Doctor, a new "team", I would be interested in knowing your "Favourites". We all have them. We all make lists; Top five this and top five that... So! It's not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination - just shorter - but...

What is your Favourite...

...Scene, Overall?
-This could be a scene from any episode, special or skit since the show's return.

...Supporting Character?
-This is the one where you all vote Sally Sparrow.

...Cringe-worthy Line?
-Those scripted moments where you have to ask "why?", Eg. "Spit spot!" in The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith.

...NEW Monster/Alien?
-Not including any of the one's resurrected from the Classic series.

...Unintended Saucy Bit?
-Like, um... Naked Martha in the 'Clone Gloop' in The Sontaran Stratagem.

Let me know in the comments space below!

Explanations would be nice, but are not essential. Remember, you can only choose ONE of each. You can only choose from episodes that have aired - AND BE HONEST! Mine will be in there soon too, as soon as I compile my list.

Thanks for taking part.

1 comment:

  1. Fave Scene - "Sally Talking To The DVD" in Blink. Chilling and awesome.

    Fave Supporting Character - Lynda with a Y. The everywoman. Lovely.

    Fave Cringe-Worty Line - "There's only one planet left, oh ho ho! And guess which one" from Journey's End. SO contrived!

    Fave New Alien - The Ood, by far! Perfect classic Who monster made with New Who budget.

    Fave Saucy Bit - Evil Clone Martha. So much sexier than regular Martha... WHY WAS THAT?

    Your turn now :D