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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Leadworth Green Blog Arrives At Doctor Who Exhibition, Cardiff!

As the new series approaches and I get itchy writing fingers, I am delighted to be able to tell you that not only will my reviews of each week's Doctor Who be available on this blog, but also in an Unofficial Doctor Who Newsletter available FOR FREE at the Doctor Who - Up Close Exhibition shop in Cardiff Bay's Red Dragon Centre.

To begin with it will have a limited run of 100 copies (first come, first serve - book your bus tickets and hotels NOW to make sure you get YOURS!). The newsletter will be (to begin with) a single side of A4 (later a double sided A4 sheet) and will include my Leadworth Green episode review (edited, obviously, to be child-friendly) and a few other little features. And this, dear readers, is where you come in. I have a bunch of ideas knocking about in my head for features to include in the lower half of the page, but I NEED MORE! So if you have any ideas for exciting and not-too-taxing features you think the average Exhibition customer would like to read then get in touch with me on the new, designated email address - garethcardiff@doctormail.com - and I'll take a look.

This has all happened pretty suddenly to be honest, so I need all the help you guys can possibly give. If your feature is chosen you will earn yourself a "contributor" credit on the newsletter and a virtual high five from me. The articles will be made to look beautiful by my Graphic Designer Other Half, Natalie. Also, because I'm so kind, I shall do my very best to have the newsletter available for download on this blog. SO! Get in touch, all ideas, no matter how obscure, will be considered. But remember, it HAS to be child-friendly. No "Naked Companion Photo Of The Week"... Sorry.

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