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Friday, March 26, 2010

Matt Smith On Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

I hate Friday night tv. There's never anything on other than Jonathan Ross and somehow I always forget about that! They should put a clue in the title to make sure people remember what day it's on. And, preferably, what time of day...

BUT! Tonight I shall not be missing it. A) Because it's all people seem to be talking about in my house... It's the televisual equivalent of your uncle nudging you knowingly when the girl you were spotted smooching with, when you were 14, wanders into your field of view... "Ooh hoo! That Mark Smith's on Ross tonight, you LIKE him, don't you! Tee hee!" Groan! But, thanks for reminding me!

And B) Well, I like that Mark (sic) Smith. He's going to be the new Doctor Who. So if you, like me, are absent minded and not quite "with it" enough at 10.54am to pick up on the clues in the title - then REMEMBER! FRIDAY NIGHT WITH JONATHAN ROSS IS ON TONIGHT! MATT SMITH IS ON THERE! HE'S THE NEW DOCTOR WHO, HE IS! IT'S ON TONIGHT (FRIDAY NIGHT, SEE?) AT 10.40pm on BBC1. And if nothing else we're about to be treated to a new clip of the latest series, this time from Vampires Of Venice. But, despite his relatively meagre media experience (preferentially glancing forlornly into the middle distance, smiling rather than preparing a bodied answer to questions posed - no bad thing after Tennant's tiresome Media Handbook approach to interviews about Doctor Who [of which this will undoubtedly be]) Matt Smith is guaranteed to have us and "Not-We's" alike giggling at his evident boundless enthusiasm at winning "the best role in TV history".

Also appearing are Emma "Nanny McShit" Thompson and Professor Brian Cox, with music from the wonderfully bizarre Goldfrapp. Tonight, BBC1 10.40pm. Don't miss it.

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  1. OMG, my excitement has literally reached fever pitch. And there's a nice big pic of him on it as well (cos FML, wouldn;t we all love a Rex Features login):