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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Eleventh Hour Approaches - Slowly :(

So, we're in the final stages of the draining wait that seems to have lasted longer than the show itself. Following the release, officially or not, of the trailers from the press screening and BBC America I defy any of you, even the most cynical, to NOT be excited.

This week has its own share of stomach-bubbling, pant-wetting goodies for us Whovians to get our teeth into. Friday sees Matt Smith appear on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. Guaranteed to be an interesting event, this will be the first time Matt has appeared on such a big show to promote the series, which is surprising really! It will be interesting to see just how well he interviews. As a massive Doctor Who fan himself, Jonathan is bound to delve a little deeper into what the series may bring than your usual interviewer. I cringe at the guff they spill on BBC Breakfast, I really do - "So, the new Dr Who has a new sidekick!" Guuuuuh! I think it's fair for us to expect either a trailer (possibly the Press Screening one) or a clip from The Eleventh Hour (hopefully not the one shown already, let's have something new, eh?). I have my heart set on something brilliant and fresh.

And if you're still wanting more after that, it seems that the BBC are releasing the first minute of The Eleventh Hour on the BBC Red Button service. Whether this will incorporate the clip we've already seen is anyone's guess. I doubt it though as it seems that the clip shown already (the one with Amelia and the Doctor in the garden at night) is a good few minutes into the episode. Well, only time will tell... Undoubtedly the interview and the first minute will be online soon after they become available, so you can rest assured that I will have them up right here on The Green as soon as humanly possible. Aren't I good to you?

So, here's to one last week of waiting... I'm going to watch the trailers all over again now, because I've not seen them in at least 24 hours. That just will not do. Have a good day people. x

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