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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The State Of Fanfom

Occasionally, Doctor Who fandom enters a stage of boredom. When there isn't much to talk about people like me will talk about ANYTHING! And the sad thing about that is that the boredom turns to aggression and frustration and then to all-out insults.

Dare you venture onto Gallifrey Base and tell anyone you'd prefer the new Cybermen to the old ones? Will you risk dropping the odd spoiler into the Set Report thread? Could you give a shiny shit either way?

No, nor me. However this week has been one of the harshest in Doctor Who fandom in a while. Not since Matt Smith (who everyone seems to have changed their tune about now, for what it's worth) was announced as the Eleventh Doctor have the boards on Gallifrey Base been so heated! It seems that currently it's impossible to put an opinion across without someone disagreeing for the sake of it. People, myself included, have lost the plot. AND that's the problem! We've been beaten by the production team. We know small piles of information and as of yet don't have the frame to pour them all into to make a coherent image of what Series 31 has to offer!

The latest thing is the sightings of Nick Briggs and Barnaby Edwards (the voice and body of the Daleks, respectively) entering the location for the finale. From this - and not unjustly - we have surmised that the Daleks must play a part in the finale. And why not?! But this alone isn't enough! Other speculation includes the return of the Cybermen!

No, not THE Cybermen we've become accustomed to in the last five years, the ones kids know and love to hate! No. The MONDASIAN Cybermen! You know, the ones from the old series... SORRY! Telosian. Mondas was destroyed, along with all of it's cyber-inhabitants. As if it makes a difference to the 8 year-olds who put their posters on the wall. Just like the "are they or aren't they" nonsense about the new Silurian design (they are, by the way) seen in the 2010 trailer a vocal minority - again, myself included, sadly - just cannot agree on whether bringing back Cybermen not seen since the mid 80s would have ANY relevance with a young audience.

What used to be my favourite thing to talk about is quickly becoming just another place to get shouted down by people who's opinion is JUST AS VALID as my own, I'm not innocent of the "shouting down" myself! Egos flair, virtual punches are thrown and then the mods get involved. Until the next time. Remember when we were one? When Doctor Who fans were collectively berated for liking "that shit sci fi show"?

I liked being the minority! Now it seems that people who have seen some old Cyberman stories or those who are simply stuck in the past have much to say about this new and constantly evolving show! This is NOT Doctor Who of old, as much as it is marketed as such. The show is faster, bigger and more complex. As are the audiences! Kids these days don't want complicated multiverse contradictions. They've been given Cybermen from an alternate world. THEY are now the Cybermen. Nobody complained when the Daleks from The Parting Of The Ways were scavenged genetic mutant-humans! It was hardly mentioned as I recall! But still, grown men cry. Nothing will solve the civil war that has sadly broken out on my favourite website of all time, Gallifrey Base. Like Northern Ireland or Israel, Gallifrey Base has a future to suffer. And I only hope that Messrs Moffat, Smith and Wenger can bring peace to this otherwise intelligent and loving community.

I'm not holding my breath.

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