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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doctor Who 2010 Merchandise Revealed

Okay, the BBC are taking their time giving us information about the new series, considering it's going on air in the next few months...

Okay, so they haven't really... we're just over-enthusiastic about what's to come. We can't wait. Any little snippet will do for us. It's true! We're actually not that hard to please! Ben Cook posted an AudioBoo featuring a five minute exert from his DWM interview with Matt and Karen and that almost gave me... well... I was excited. I need Doctor Who again. NOW! Luckily for us, this image (left) was released showing an example of the new Doctor Who 2010 merchandise. And I have to say I like it a lot! The blue star scape design is lovely, makes me thing of the old '80s intro sequence, that can only be a good thing! Matt looks incredible as The Doctor, Karen look amazing as Amy and the Weeping Angels look as terrifying as ever! BUT this was not the only Doctor Who product to be talked about. This is the only one available for pre-order (apart from the End Of Time figures - which are, shockingly, sold separately!) from sites like Amazon and Play.com, but there are other products which were mentioned. Like the must have for every Doctor Who collector (in my opinion), a box set featuring newly designed figures of all eleven Doctors, selling together at a staggeringly fair £50. THAT is on my Birthday list, if only it was out in time...

We will also have the chance to buy a die cast scale replica of Matt's new Sonic Screwdriver, complete with flashing GREEN light and sound effects. But the quirk with this item is - I love this bit - the business end can be removed and replaced with a selection of REAL screwdriver heads! SO YOU CAN ACTUALLY SCREW DRIVE THINGS WITH IT! This may be a nod to the new series in which, presumably while fixing up the TARDIS' new interior, the Sonic is used as an actual screwdriver for the first time in a long time! We've also been told that there will be a "Timewars" board game, a series of Desk Patrol characters (Daleks and K-9 at present) who will "move around your desktop without bumping into things or falling off the edge" which sounds lovely for the bored office worker (like I was!) who covers their workspace with Doctor Who toys!

The most popular item however, which will more than likely be the one in the box set, is the Matt Smith Doctor figure, complete with tweeds and new sonic. It's design is being kept under wraps for now, but I hope the face looks more like him than that of the End Of Time Matt Smith Regeneration figure... Yes, it seems that the "Brand" (sorry Simon) is still strong as Doctor Who ventures into it's most mysterious stage since the TVM. I just hope that this behemoth of a show can spawn much more over priced kid's stuff for me to waste my money on... Two more figures and I'm going to need another shelf!

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