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Monday, April 26, 2010

Writers Response Or Load Of Old Cobblers?

The following post has appeared in a very short-lived thread on Gallifrey Base entitled "Dear Community - Sincere Announcement" and it appears to be written by a Doctor Who writer.

The poster uses the screen-name CoffeeWriter and has no previous post history. Whether this is a genuine post by an actual DW script writer or just another of Gallifrey Base's members' hilarious joke thread remains unclear. The post (duplicated below) basically states, in a sarcastic way, that the complaints about his work are reaching him. Here it is:

Dear Community: Sincere Announcement

The prose I facilitate, apparently exorbitantly pompous in representation, is confuted for the condescension which is supposedly attested in the implicit deceit of my writing. You are right, I should vitiate every sentence I state for a consummate masquerade of inferiority to all commentary, superseding scarce lucidity with cultivated vulgarity.

I'm at a low level which is impenetrable to these accusations of an intrinsic motivation, nevertheless it's a tomb, every last acknowledgment being chimerical remarks as they are comically superficial. The orthodoxy has solicited inanity upon concord and I'm consequently an advocate of an austere service to our intellectual downfall.

Doctor Who Writer

You know of my name; people have exhibited their animosity as of recent times.

Make of that what you will... Seeing as it seems to talk of recent comments there can only be so many people it could be (if it is, indeed, genuine). It could be Moffat. It could be Gatiss. It could possibly be RTD. What do you all make of this post? It may not last long on the Forum as the thread was closed within minutes of it being started.

I, for one, think this is a very clever, very effective response to our prattling and small complaints if this is true. However posters on Twitter seem to think it is a complete fabrication and claim that the Original Poster has been banned for... well... being a tosser, like.

Either way, it's jolly entertaining and as daring as it gets. Shame it had to happen in a place where this kind of thing is, quite rightly, completely against the rules!

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