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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Doctor Who Game Becomes A Reality - FOR FREE?!

The Sun have reported that a Doctor Who computer game will be made available for free download on the BBC Doctor Who site in June, starring the voice talents of series regulars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

The game, made by UK Games Designer Sumo Digital, is made up of four interactive chapters written by Phil Ford (The Waters Of Mars) and James Moran (Fires Of Pompeii) and will feature the Cybermen. All early reports are that the game is good! It can't be too long though, if they're making it available for download, for free!

But hey, who am I to complain? Any Doctor Who is welcome! And I suppose if the thing is a success then maybe manufacturers will take note and knock out a real Doctor Who video game. I know I'll be downloading it. I wonder if it'll be made available to non-UK users too though - or will some silly licensing law prevent it reaching the States, Canada or other European countries? I'm genuinely hoping it's going to be nice and light, fun, puzzle-orientated game play, not some Dalek zap-em-up which transforms the Sonic Screwdriver into a lethal deathstick!

The character design (presuming the photo above is representative of game play) is incredibly good! It'll be nice to BE the Doctor. And apparently there are elements of the ACTUAL TARDIS that were inspired by the game's design! Those stairs shooting off everywhere? They came from the game. Nice huh? I suppose only time will tell... But even if it's shit - like, terrible! - at least it's a bit more Who.

There's an awesome quote from one of the kids who got to try the game out, included on The Sun's website, which I shall shamelessly reproduce here (because it made me giggle like a child and took me back to the days of getting bored and making Lara Croft commit suicide off that London roof); here it is...

"It's fun, but it's educational as well. On my first go, I accidentally killed Amy so I think I need more practice." Ell-Oh-Ell! What do you guys think? Comments please... :)


  1. Haha, "accidentally killed Amy". Pretty excited by this. Plus, the character design looks better than the stuff Dreamland had, which is always a plus.

  2. Actually, it's scripted and Matt and Karen voice it. There's tons of dialogue, apparently. Plus it's totally canon. The production team consider them extra episodes. 4 extra stories. And they count.