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Friday, March 19, 2010

New TARDIS Console Revealed In New Who Trailer

It's not the best photo ever, but lo and behold, the TARDIS console it IS!

A very recently released new trailer (the one shown at the end of the press launch) has many exciting things in it, making me surer and surer that this is going to be my favourite series of Doctor Who since it's 2005 return.

As you can clearly see, the console itself is as bonkers as the man driving. A gramophone sticks crazily out of it just below what looks like a tv screen. The colour scheme is pretty and awe inspiring without looking too flash. It all looks a bit like a giant oldskool hearing aid. To me anyway... And that is fine by me! We get another glimpse inside from the doors of the TARDIS, when the Doctor is flying Amy like a kite (and stealing a cheeky look up her nightie, I believe), showing a little more of what we can expect.

Needless to say, this trailer which has our hero riding a horse, Dalek vs Spitfire dogfights, a one armed Cyberman (poor thing) being taunted by fire, a cavernous city of Weeping Angels and - for me, most exciting - the Doctor running urgently about the foundations of Stone Henge, shows MUCH more than we've seen so far from either of the other trailers. Take a look!

Wonderful! Cannot wait for the series to begin on April 3rd! Alas, wait we must!
In the meantime, I'd love to hear your opinions on the console!

Comment below, cheers!

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